Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Things I read that you may enjoy

I spend a good part of my day ignoring my work emails and reading up on a variety of subjects. If you are interested where I get most of my knowledge from take a look at these here links.


www.ericcressey.com - Eric Cressey is one of the most influential trainers out there today. I'm in the middle of his Maximum Strength Program and it is amazing. I read everything this guy writes with a gluttonous abandon.

- Tony Gentilcore is Eric Cressey's business partner and his blog is funny and informative. He is also really sexy.

www.talktomejohnnie.com - This is the blog of John Welbourne, former NFL player and the programmer for Crossfit Football. His blog is full of great information and he regularly has guest pieces from luminaries like Mark Rippetoe, Chuck Norris, and Rambo.

www.journal.crossfit.com - (subscription required) For $25/year you can get access to the full archives of the Crossfit Journal. There is a ton on information here on just about every type of training out there. While it is a bit biased towards the Crossfit Methodology, the chance to sit in on some of the seminars they hold is worth the price alone.

www.performancemenu.com - (subscription required) This monthly internet mag costs $30/year and is as valuable if not more so, than the Crossfit Journal. There are articles about nutrition, lifting, programming, and just about everything else that someone who wants to get fit should read.

www.t-nation.com - I don't read all the articles that are posted here and there are a few too many pictures of roided out body builders for me, but anything written by Dan John, Eric Cressey, Mark Rippetoe, and John Berardi should be read three or four times each.


- Mark Sisson is a former elite level Ironman Triathlete and one of the most popular paleo advocates out there. His blog comments on just about everything under the sun, but it is primarily a nutrition blog. He also made me famous a few months ago.

www.robbwolf.com - Another paleo advocate, I recommend that anyone who even has a passing interest in fitness and nutrition listen to every single one of his podcasts.

- Brian St. Pierre used to work as a nutritionist at Eric Cressey's gym. Now he's got his own gig and I think his take on food is the most in line with mine out of all the blogs I read.


www.nytimes.com - I usually just read the restaurant reviews, and lately, Mark Bittman's articles. But when something happens in the news, if I am remotely interested, I'll get my info from the Times.

- Best free paper in America. Again, mostly for restaurant reviews, but they also have Savage Love, which is the best advice column out there.

http://blogs.mercurynews.com/kawakami/ I'm still a Bay Area sports fan, and this is where I get almost all my news from. Tim Kawakami is the man.

www.newyorker.com - I think I have a NY bias for where I get my information from. Did you read that article about Scientology? Those people are fucking nuts!

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