Thursday, January 14, 2010


That's me on day 14 of this experiment. I see some slight changes in my body composition, which I am very happy about, but more importantly, I feel great. I never crash in the middle of the day, I don't eat much outside of my main meals and am never starving like I was prone to when I ate lots of carbs. I also generally feel strong when I hit the gym, and it shows in my numbers. Supposedly, days 15-31 are when you really start to see drastic changes from the paleo diet. I cannot wait.


4 strips bacon
1 banana
handful walnuts
4 fish oil pills


Arugula salad w/ turkey, bacon, avocado, Brussels sprouts, beets, asparagus, onions, EVOO, balsamic vinaigrette
4 fish oil pills


Carrots w/ almond butter
Chicken heart/liver fried in duck fat


Chicken leg/thigh
Roasted beets, Brussels sprouts, onion, tomato, green bell pepper, zucchini
Beet greens sauteed with onions and bacon


Today's workout involved a ridiculous amount of handstand work, which I suck at. So I drilled handstands progressions all day. Nothing too intense, so I'm going to skip my rest day tomorrow and work on my SNATCH.

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