Sunday, January 10, 2010


This weekend did not turn out as expected. It started off really well, peaking on Saturday, where I destroyed my old “Fran” time by over 2 minutes. Very awesome. I still didn’t do it at the prescribed weight, but next time, you better believe I will. Then, I had a 2 hour private training session with this guy (Link). We worked on the snatch (link), clean (link), and jerk (link). At the time, the lifts were incredibly confusing for me, but thanks to the trainers expertise, I felt immensely more confident in the technique involved. Awesome.

Also, before I post my diet and workouts from the last two days, here is a picture of me when I started this diet. I’m now ten days in, and I feel fantastic. I don’t think I look that much different yet, but supposedly days 14-30 are when you really start to notice some changes. I’ll post pictures of days 14 and 31 when they come up so you can decide for yourself.

Food from 1/09


2 eggs
3 bacon strips
roasted vegetables


apple w/almond butter


smoked salmon w/ tomato and onion
2 small pieces of London broil






Food from 1/10:

3 egg scramble with red bell pepper, chicken sausage, avocado, cholula
carrot with almond butter


Can of tuna
Carrots and celery with almond butter
Red bell pepper slices


Spaghetti Squash
Homemade slaw w/ cabbage and carrots
Sauteed beet greens and onions
Homemade baba ganoush
London Broil

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