Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Checking In

Hi there, sorry for not writing for so long. The truth is, not much has happened in these last few weeks. I’m going to be in California until the end of February and given my schedule these days (work, gym, sleep, repeat), it doesn’t look like anything exciting will happen until I go back to New York.

There are some notable, if not all that thrilling, developments though: My triathlon training is going well, I can run 6.2 miles consistently in just under 60 minutes. I try and run that distance at least four times a week and haven’t had any problems doing that in past three weeks. By race day I’d like to be able run the distance in about 54 minutes. We’ll see how that goes. Now I need to start focusing on my cycling and swimming. I won’t be able to do any swimming until I get back to the city since I don’t have access to a pool here, but I have been cycling recently and I don’t think the distance (just under 25 miles) will pose any difficulty. I just need to put the hours in and get better at recording my times.

In other news, I am going to Las Vegas this weekend. I’m meeting some friends who are attending a bachelor party. I don’t know the bachelor or if I’m invited to the related activities, but my last experience at a bachelor party involved eating whipped cream out of bleached assholes. With any luck something similar will occur here. It’s been over two months since I’ve gotten laid. I haven’t really thought about it until this week. If you recall, I haven’t had a strong desire to chase tail for a while, but that seems to be changing. Sadly, unless something happens in Vegas it’s unlikely I’ll get to fuck anything but my right hand until March. And interestingly, the girl I lost my virginity to appears to have unblocked me on AIM. Coincidentally, I would really love to fuck her again. Is unblocking someone on AIM an indication that you want to have drunken unprotected sex with them? It certainly is in my world. In the unlikely event that this, or anything else relevant occurs, I will of course keep you updated.



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