Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Goals

I have two new goals that I hope to accomplish. One should be pretty easy to figure out in the short term and the other might take some time.

Goal 1: I want to make myself a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich with hog jowl bacon. A southern man who cooked my dinner on Saturday told me that I might be able to get some at a "colored folks deli." Any idea where I can find one of those?

Goal 2: Work on my flexibility until I can practice autofellatio. (NSFW, duh)

I'll let you guess which one is going to take some work. I'll keep you appraised of the results.


Michelle said...

You can complete Goal #1 by going to a deli on 145th and Saint Nicholas Avenue. Take the A or D train, and you will find it next to the Fried Chicken jazz club.
This is not racist. These are just the mere facts.

Andrew said...

you can also go to any italian meat store, it's called guanciale, and you don't have to travel to harlem to get it.

L said...

Allan's Ham & Bacon in Oakland, CA may have it...

Also Little City Market

maybe call before you go. =]

MBI said...

That's fatback.
You use it to make vegetables not sandwiches.